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4 Benefits of Backyard Water Features

A backyard water feature does more than look pretty. Waterfalls, ponds, and foundations have benefits that go beyond aesthetics. And with the right tools and team behind you, maintaining a pond or similar water feature is surprisingly easy!

While it captivates your home’s visitors, adds interest to your backyard, and remains a source of entertainment, it also provides the following benefits.

Hide road noise with a backyard water feature

Live near a highway? The quiet sounds of waterfalls and babbling brooks can cover up the annoying hum of rush hour and damped honks and sirens. Rather than hearing the city noises around you, you can focus on the quiet, soothing sounds of flowing water.

A waterfall is one of the best options for drowning out unwanted noise. If you’d like something quieter, choose a small fountain instead.

Attract beneficial wildlife with a backyard pond

If you make a water feature part of your garden, you’ll make some new friends, too. Birds, friendly bugs like dragonflies, and little creatures searching for water will find a home in your backyard. These animals will keep your backyard landscape flourishing. Not a fan of visitors? If you’d rather avoid wildlife gathering, our team can help you make decisions that keep them away.

A pond is the best way to incorporate more nature into your backyard. Add koi fish and water plants for even more wildlife fun!

backyard pond

Reduce stress with a backyard waterfall

The sights and sounds of a backyard water feature makes you feel great for a reason. Water features are serene—meditating near a waterfall, watching the water pour down and produce a soothing natural white noise can actually relax your body and mind. After a long work day, put your feet up, unwind by your water feature, and feel yourself loosen up!

Choose whatever water feature makes you the happiest. After all, it’s all about making you feel good!

Increase home value with water features

A beautiful backyard makes a gorgeous home all the more coveted, and landscaping can make your home more valuable. While you enjoy your pond, fountain, or waterfall (or all three!) know that it will work for you whenever you sell your home in the future.

When considering the cost to install a water feature, remember that the money you put in will come back to you (plus more!) as long as you keep it properly maintained.


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