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Are Outdoor Kitchens Worth the Investment?

Are outdoor kitchens worth the investment? In a word, yes! Outdoor kitchens are not only a great financial investment, but they are an incredible mood booster, too! If you’ve been considering an outdoor living space as an addition to your home, here are 5 reasons why you should move it right to the top of your project list.

Outdoor kitchens increase the value of your home

The national average for building an outdoor kitchen is around $10,000. This generally includes appliances (most notably, the grill) stone or brickwork, furniture, coverings and installation. It goes without saying that the more elaborate the kitchen, the higher the cost. Your return on investment (ROI) will depend on the local area, climate, current housing trends, and finding the right buyer. ROI predictions on outdoor kitchens range anywhere from 55% to 200%.

It extends your outdoor months

While outdoor kitchens are pretty much a staple in the warmer climates of the South, they can do a lot to extend your outdoor time in the Northern states as well — especially if you install a levered pergola, fire pit, or portable heater. Instead of the traditional Memorial Day to Labor Day outdoor season, you could fire up the grill up to six months a year, or maybe even close to year-round.

outdoor kitchen on porch

It gives you more space

Adding an outdoor kitchen can add a good amount of square footage to your home. If you have a small house but a large yard, an outdoor kitchen is an easy way to add on without the time or cost of a traditional room addition. If you have a closed-in floor plan, a spacious outdoor kitchen can give you some breathing room. It can even give you more storage for your kitchen essentials. And if you already have a patio, half the work is already done.

It encourages healthy eating

An outdoor grill adds a flavor that you just can’t get anywhere else, and a few smart choices in your ingredients can make your grilled meals easy on your waistline, too. Choose lean cuts of meat, fresh veggies, and better-for-you marinades and sauces, and follow basic food safety guidelines for meals that are so good you’ll never guess they’re good for you, too.

It’s perfect for entertaining

Think about the last time you had a lot of people in your indoor kitchen. At some point, it probably got very crowded. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to fit all your guests comfortably while still getting to socialize with the cook. With your grill as the centerpiece, guests can lounge on comfy outdoor furniture, sip on their favorite beverages, enjoy the smoky aroma of the BBQ and enjoy the outdoors.

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