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Backyard Must-Haves for Entertaining

Being outside in the fresh air can elevate every event. But to be a hit, a backyard dinner or bbq needs more than just a few chairs pulled around a grill. To really make your home and outdoor space memorable, consider investing in the following upgrades—and your guests will come back time and time again. And most importantly, your family will have a beautiful space to spend more time together outside and away from electronic devices. Isn’t that what we could all use a little more of?

Remodel Your Outdoor Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, so adding an outdoor kitchen really gives your backyard new life. Expand beyond the typical grill and add a brick oven, Big Green Egg, or built-in BBQ. With an outside cooking area you can entertain while you prepare dinner, and there’s no need to run inside every few minutes to check on the food.

Curate a Comfortable Backyard Lounge

Choose patio furniture that will weather through storms and still provide a comfortable, attractive place to relax. Don’t forget to add tables so there is an easily accessible place to set down drinks! Add a variety—think loungers, hammocks, and chairs with ottomans. Now that you’ve invested in top of the line furniture, make sure you have well-fitted covers to weather the seasons.

Make Outdoor Games Available

Cornhole, horseshoes, or giant Jenga—games add extra fun for guests who are looking to participate in an activity. If you’re looking for something less active, leave some cards or dominoes on the table for interested guests.

Invest in a Custom Backyard Fire Feature

Humans have been gathering around fires since, well, the discovery of fire. The warmth, the glow, there’s just something about a fire that is irresistible! A backyard fire pit, place, or table heats up any outside gathering and keeps people from getting too cold. On nights when the weather is mild, your fire pit can keep bugs away and act as a focal point.

Install a Fridge and Ice Maker

Avoid making people head inside to grab a beer or top off their drink with ice. Adding a mini-fridge and ice machine makes it convenient to store beverages and keep your guests happy. You’ll be glad you have it by the time the 5th guest asks for a drink!

Design Alluring Outdoor Lighting

As the sun sets, keep the entertainment going with lights that delicately brighten up your backyard. Choose wisely, as you don’t want to ruin the mood and make people feel like they are in the spotlight. Dim lamps or string lights (coupled with the light of the fire!) give just enough brightness to let people see what they are doing while giving the setting an air of romanticism.

Ready to turn your backyard into the place to entertain? We can help you design the outdoor space of your dreams.


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