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Can I Afford an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to consider when you love entertaining in your backyard, but it can be a little overwhelming when you start brainstorming ideas and getting down to the nitty gritty of how much it actually costs. Can you afford an outdoor kitchen, where you can comfortably prepare a feast for your friends and family without the need to constantly run indoors? We’re here to tell you that living this dream is possible, and to not stress the cost. Here’s why.

ACP Offers Payment Plans

First off, ACP offers payment plans that will help alleviate any up-front cost concerns you may have as you start down the path of designing your custom outdoor kitchen. We have a variety of financing options and solutions that can be catered to your individual needs, with options that can include no payments or interest for a certain amount of time as well as reduced rates over a longer period of time.

Start With the Basics

Of course, you can opt to start your backyard haven with some of the basics instead of going for a complete, expansive outdoor kitchen. For example, while most people have or want some sort of cooking area, you can expand or upgrade what you already have with a brick oven or a built-in BBQ. We offer spatial planning and can work with you to design a complete outdoor kitchen, but we can also create a basic layout that you can add onto at a later date.

Fit Your Outdoor Kitchen Within Your Budget

It’s not uncommon for our customers to approach us with a budget already in mind. We can always work around your personal budget without sacrificing quality or workmanship. We can find the best appliances that will match your monetary needs and can make suggestions that will bring a project together beautifully.

Enjoy the Added Value

Finally, it’s vital to talk about the value that a gorgeous outdoor kitchen adds to your home. Not only will you, your friends, and your family enjoy your outdoor kitchen area for years to come, it also helps increase your property’s value. This will likely make a difference if and when comes the time to sell your home. Think of an outdoor kitchen as an investment over time instead of a one-time purchase and the costs of construction will seem more reasonable.

Outdoor kitchens are a very personal (and personalized!) addition to your home. You’re extending your entertaining area to your own backyard sanctuary, where you can spend time with your guests without having to trot back and forth to your indoor kitchen — or, worse yet, being forced to spend the entire time you’re cooking inside while your friends and family socialize in your yard.

If you’re considering an outdoor kitchen, don’t let the potential cost stop you. We can work through your budget concerns and get you on track to enjoying an incredible outdoor kitchen.


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