Commercial Services FDOT Projects

A better way to complete FDOT projects.

ACP has been at the forefront of new ideas and products since its inception. Being the first company to install modular block retaining walls in the state of Florida we are always looking for new innovative ways to do it better. FDOT is no different, we have worked for many years with our suppliers and vendor partners to get the system approved for FDOT projects. After many years of hard work and perseverance we can proudly say we have.

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike our competitors we have a full time dedicated estimating team that take the time to insure all proposals and estimates are done accurately and in a timely matter. We will have the engineering team and well as our construction team review the estimates to ensure accuracy from all prospective

Your One Stop Sub for FDOT Projects

We do a variety of different products and installation to give you a sub that one contract can cover a lot of your needs, and with over 30 years in business we will stand behind our work:

  • Gravity walls (6011 pec)
  • Mse walls (548 spec)
  • Cantilever walls
  • Grs walls
  • Landscape tier walls
  • Pond liner
  • Fabriform
  • Usm mat
  • Pavers
  • Temp walls
  • Geogrid reinforced slopes
  • Geo web/geo block

The Experts in Gravity Walls

The traditionally gravity walls consist of cast-in-place concrete. This method is slow and expensive, but it was all the industry knew for many years. ACP and our partner vendors have a new way to do this — and it is approved through FDOT. We now have a process using modular block technology that will allow gravity walls to be completed in a way that is faster, longer lasting, requires simpler maintenance, is more cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.

GRS Walls for FDOT Projects

Fixing our Future

In Florida there are a large amount of single span bridges that are way past their expiration dates. We have come up with a solution with the expressed support of the FDOT that gives a new design idea and much longer life expectancy than conventional methods. The result? Communities with better bridges, safer commuters and cyclists. All thanks to an innovative approach with better outcomes and timelines.

Function and Beauty in GRS Walls

Using a modified modular block retaining wall as abutments. These walls will not only look great but function better. The walls allow water transfer from the low side to behind the reinforce zone. This allows instant hydrostatic release under rapid drawdown situations. It can also support the weight of a single span precast deck for easy install and speed of construction.

Take Advantage of Our GRS Wall Experience

Not only have we been the experts in the design and planning phases of these FDOT projects, we are also the lead installer of the system with many projects under our belt. We are currently the most qualified and educated installer of GRS walls in the state of Florida.