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A hardscape is a design that is constructed using natural and man-made, non-living materials. Hardscapes include details such as stone or concrete walkways, retaining walls, patio and pool decks finished with pavers or tile and other landscaping features that use stone, wood, brick, metal, and other similar materials.

Every well-planned landscaping project includes at least some hardscaping. For example, a wooden gazebo can be considered hardscape, as can block retaining walls or any other landscaping details that use man-made or non-living materials. Hardscapes can serve a practical as well as aesthetic purpose in the form of earth retention, erosion control, slope stabilization and privacy barriers and noise reduction.

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For over 30 years ACP has specialized in taking your Commercial Hardscapes project from inception to completion with a foundation built on quality and integrity. This foundation coupled with our highly driven team of experts has made ACP the leader in hardscapes construction in the state of Florida. Whether it is a commercial segmented block retaining wall project on a grand scale or a more relaxing backyard outdoor living space we have the experience to assist you and bring your plans from concept to completion.

ACP is your total hardscapes solution and can handle everything from design, permitting, materials and construction.

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