Commercial Services Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Backed by 30 Years of Experience

Much of our time, talents and attention over our 30 plus years in business has been dedicated to the design, engineering and installation of retaining walls throughout the state of Florida.  Our knowledge and expertise in this and other areas, has established ACP as Florida’s leading retaining wall craftsmen. 

Retaining Wall Specialties

Commercial/Residential Projects

  • Modular Block Retaining Walls
  • Temporary Wire Basket Retaining Walls
  • GRS Walls
  • Geoweb Walls
  • Geosynthetic Reinforced Slopes
  • Site Privacy Walls
  • Gabion Basket Walls
  • Timber Walls

FDOT Projects

  • FDOT Segmental Block Gravity Walls (Index 6011B)
  • FDOT Segmental Block MSE Walls (Index 6020)
  • FDOT GRS-IBS Walls (Index D6025)
  • FDOT Temporary MSE Walls (Index 6030)
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