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How do gas fire pits work?

A gas fire pit is a welcome addition to any property. You’ll be able to fire it up for instant ambiance as you gather around with your friends and family, and since you aren’t burning wood, there’s little to no mess left behind. Decorative gas fire pits are easy to operate and are becoming more and more popular. How do they work, how are they installed, and what do you need to keep in mind safety-wise? Let’s take a look.

Gas fire pit safety

Although gas fire pits don’t require as much attention and precautions as a wood fire pit does, and there is little more to do than flip a switch off and on, there are still important safety considerations that you have to keep in mind as you install and use your fire pit.

First, choose an appropriate area for installation. You’ll want to place it away from walls and building overhangs (whether this is your home, garage, or other outbuilding). Also, it will need to be placed and installed on a non-combustible surface, and you’ll need to clear away anything that could be potentially combustible from the area. This includes, but is not limited to, wicker furniture, brooms, leaves, cleaning fluids, and any stray sticks that fall in the area. Make sure there aren’t overhanging trees or nearby bushes, either.

Once your gas fire pit is installed, there are other actions you’ll want to take to keep it running smoothly and keep you, your guests, and your family safe. It’s important to keep gas fire pits covered while they’re not lit. This will keep debris, bugs, and rainwater out of the components, all of which can affect how it works and how long it lasts.

While your gas fire pit is lit, don’t leave it unattended. Tell children not to play close to the pit, and don’t line your pit with tin foil. Additionally, don’t cook with your gas fire pit, unless yours has been designed to cook food. Finally, don’t add decorative items to your pit, like rocks and glass.

Gas fire pit basics

Once a gas fire pit is installed and ready to go, you’ll be happy to know that to fire it up, there’s no need for lighters, lighter fluid, wood, or any additional supplies. Simply flip a switch and you’re basking in the light. Gas fire pits are super convenient, easy to operate, and hassle free — and when you’re done, flip it off and forget about it… until your next hangout session, that is.

How gas fire pits are installed

While it’s possible to DIY a gas fire pit, there are professionals (like us at ACP) who have tons of experience constructing a quality fire pit that you and your family will enjoy for years to come, especially if you’re going the natural gas route and will need a connection with your home’s natural gas line. We will work with you to find the best location and build solution so you can lounge in the gorgeous ambient light right in your own backyard.


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