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Do I Need Special Appliances for an Outdoor Kitchen?

Here in Florida, we are lucky enough to be able to cook outdoors year round. We all know that food cooked out in the open air just tastes better. Meat sizzles, marinades caramelize over flame, and the afternoon air is heady. Happy sighs all ‘round.

When stepping up from your rusty outdoor grill and enhancing your home with an outdoor kitchen, there are some enticing options. A lot of people ask us if they need special appliances for an outdoor kitchen. Our answer is a loud, clear YES!

Outdoor kitchens = More. More cooking space. More durability. More performance.

Outdoor kitchen appliances have to be tougher than their indoor cousins. We can thank some impressive engineering for the incredible outdoor kitchen appliances available today.

Here are just some of the reasons you need special appliances for your outdoor kitchen.

special outdoor kitchen appliances ACP

Durability and Longevity

  • Florida’s humid, salty air means that the rust issue is real. Your outdoor kitchen appliance needs to resist oxidation and corrosion, and the scratches that start whole debacle.
  • Your appliances need to withstand the daily pummeling of wind, rain and whatever the skies deliver.
  • Outdoor living is rougher than the refined experience indoor appliances are used to. Your outdoor appliances better be ready to withstand bigger, bolder usage.


  • High heat—like 1000 degree heat—for hours at a time, mean that your outdoor kitchen’s grill has to endure flames like a hulk.
  • Grill, sear, smoke, rotisserie, plank. Even baking! Outdoor kitchen appliances need to offer cooking versatility so that you can achieve those outdoor cooking flavors in all the ways we have come to love.
  • Outdoor kitchen appliances may need to operate without electricity, relying only on gas. Your outdoor kitchen appliances should have the ability to work off the grid, yet be beautifully installed with your outdoor kitchen finishes.

Size and Style

  • Big steaks call for space. Enough for the whole family and your friends to eat at once. Outdoor kitchen grills also need to provide even, controlled cooking.
  • A built-for-outdoor-cooking grease trap is a must to protect your outdoor living space, yard or nearby pool. Outdoor kitchens are built to take charge of grease so you can keep your space beautiful.
  • Outdoor cooking areas, done right, make for a beautiful focal point in your outdoor space. Whether you are sitting round an atmospheric brick oven or grill space, your outdoor kitchen appliances must marry functionality with a sophisticated, outdoor sense of style.

Outdoor kitchen appliances are different from indoor kitchen appliances, and for good reason, as we have seen. That heavenly feeling of cooking outdoors with friends and family—we live for it. And we love to create the perfect outdoor kitchen for our customers who value that very same experience.

Thanks to the advances by our friends at Fire Magic, AOG, Big Green Egg and Twin Eagle (just to name a few), we can create for you the right outdoor kitchen for you. Right on style. Right on performance. And right on price.


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