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Larry Falls

Larry is a native of Burbank, California, and number four in a family of eight children.  Shortly after he was born, Larry’s father was stricken with polio, and told by many doctors that he’d never walk again.  But Bill Falls proved the doctors wrong and went on not only to walk again, but to become a successful entrepreneur and businessman.

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More About Larry

At a very young age Larry learned from his father that with hard work and determination, people can overcome just about anything if they are willing to push themselves to give just a little bit more than they think is possible.

This “give a little bit more” mentality is what created success for Larry. Three months after he and his family were relocated to Tampa, FL and Larry’s employer unexpectedly closed the New Florida location. Larry used his knowledge and what little connections he had to found Associated Construction Products (ACP, Inc). The company began as an independent manufacturers rep. agency that provided installation services for the products Larry represented at his former company. Larry is one of the Pioneers of the Geogrid Reinforced Retaining Wall (SRW’s) business in Florida. An industry that grew exponentially throughout the country.

Now, over 30 years later, Larry and his team have grown ACP to include the sales and installation of over 25 of the highest quality products, serving Commercial, Residential and FDOT communities. ACP employs over 60 hard-working, dedicated people in its three locations throughout the state of Florida.

Larry believes that his and his team’s commitment to giving a little bit more is what’s made ACP so successful to date. His mission is to elevate every aspect of the construction experience for his clients. This is why he stays committed to keeping his business a platform where like-minded employees can grow and push each other to exceed expectations for their clients, and ultimately for themselves.